Health & Travel packages in Poland



Consultation ca. 24 eur
Diagnostic wax-up (full arches) ca. 122 eur
Composite filling (high aesthetic, Light cured) from ca. 44 eur
Glass Fiber Posr built up ca. 97 EUR-134 eur
Root (endodontic) treatment from ca. 61 eur
Tooth extraction from ca. 36 eur
Nobel Biocare® implant ca.855 eur
Astra Tech implant ca.855 eur
Sky Bredent implant ca.855 eur
Zirconia White Sky implant ca. 1099 eur
All ceramic Procera implant crown ca. 733 eur
Metal - ceramic crown on implant ca. 562 eur
Conventional root canal therapy from ca. 61 eur
Microscopic root canal therapy from ca.97 eur


3D Tomography scan ca. 85 eur
Panoramic X-Ray ca. 14 eur


Metal-ceramic crown ca.220 eur
Full-ceramic crown ca.391 eur
Porcelain veneer high aesthetic ca.391 eur
Full acrylic denture(10 or more teeth) from ca. 366 eur
Full frame denture(mixed denture) from ca. 611 eur


Dental hygienic treatment ca.44 eur
Opalescence TresWhite® Supreme teeth whitening system ca. 110 eur
Conventional teeth whitening from ca.171 eur


NOTE: The exact prices, duration of treatments, eventual hospital/clinic stay after treatments depend on a category of a consultation or a treatment.