Health & Travel packages in Poland

During the last twenty years, the Polish healthcare infrastructure have changed fundamentally, we have developed rapidly both – the public and private sectors with leading medical centers reaching equivalent levels to those in the western countries.

The patient's mobility increases permanently during the last years, hundreds of thousands of people go abroad for high quality medical care for cost much lower than the cost of medical care at home. Poland became one of the most visited countries nowadays not only because of the high quality medical services but also for the beauty of Polish cities and villages, for many touristic and artistic attractions awaiting for guests form all over the world. To meet this growing demand

ESCULAP TOURS created this specific offer embracing all your needs including medical, touristic, artistic and logistic arrangements.

The most prestigious Polish medical centers, clinics and cabinets that focus on patient's needs satisfaction at the first place are state-of-the-art facilities. All of them have invested in the latest technology in laboratory, diagnostic and surgical facilities enabling the highest level of services and are run by highly proficient managers with international experience.