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Medical treatment

city: Kraków and Katowice


Falck is:

  • world-wide brand
  • comprehension of solutions
  • a care for patients
  • flexibility
  • a hundred-year tradition
  • enourmous experience and knowledge
  • stabile and reliable business partner
  • highly qualified staff

city: Kraków

Heart and Vascular Diseases UNICARDIA and UNIMEDICA medical centre is a modern high qualified unit that from the very beginning has boasted of the highest quality of its medical services

We are a buoyant and fast developing medical centre which is orienteed towards individual needs of our every patient.

In order to take care of health and good of our patients our medical centre employees the best medical staff and we also boast of very modern medical equipment and interior decoration with the aim of making all our patients feel comfortably in our clinic.

Appreciating free time of all our patients all our medical tests and specialist consultations are held in our clinic, certainly after the previous arrangement.

Nevertheless, we always try to give our hand as soon as possible to all our patients who are in bad disposition or they are with unexpected relapse

There are highly specialized consulting rooms and diagnostics workshops in our clinic which are offering technologically advanced and diverse expert health care.

The individual treatment of our every patient, heartiness and friendly atmosphere belong to the basic rules of functioning of our Heart and Vascular Diseases UNICARDIA and UNIMEDICA medical centre.

Stomatologia STECZKO
city: Kraków

Steczko Stomatologia is the life-long dream and brainchild of Wacław Steczko DDS. For many years he ran his own dental surgery whilst being a staff member in the Department of Dental Prosthetics of CM UJ. In 1999 he stopped working in the public health sector to concentrate on his own patients in the modern surroundings of the Stomatologia Steczko dental surgery. The name itself was not chosen by accident - he and his wife Anna Steczko Wacław decided to work under their own name rather than hide their work behind an anonymous logo. "We have nothing to be ashamed of and we are proud of what we do," they both say. Slowly but steadily they are expanding and modernising their surgery and at the same time consolidating their skills and medical expertise. They are committed to providing the most professional service possible, satisfying the needs of their patients and providing them with access to across-the-board dental care of the highest standard.

St. Raphael Hospital
city: Kraków

You are welcome to use the services of the St. Raphael Hospital.

Our services are provided to

Individual customers:

  • people interested in health services financed by the National Health Found (NFZ)
  • Persons interested in commercial health benefits use
  • people with private insurance including the option of hospital services
  • foreigners interested in the commercial health benefits

Corporate clients:

  • medical providers – offering a subscription to the scope of care of the operation procedures
  • insurers – providing insurance covering the scope of operational procedures
  • employers – interested in medical coverage of employees of the expanded hospital services


Alfa Dent
miasto: Kraków

There are so many reasons to smile…...

One of them is an unusually friendly central-european ambience of Cracow to which in 2007 9 m tourists came! Well-known Cracow attractions – landmarks and surprisingly low prices of modern services and products attract them here.

Cracow is one of the oldest cities in Poland. It has a more than one thousand long history. It is one of the few cities which was not destroyed by the Second World War. It is an oasis of history and the centre of science. One can find here almost everything: historic houses, hotels, the 15th century castles, palaces and churches.

A modern dental practice ALFADENTAL has its head office also in the city centre. Dental operations are performed here at the highest quality. That is why this surgery is visited by many visitors from abroad. Doctors – specialists of many disciplines in ALFADENTAL specialise in aesthetic dentistry to bring our Patients back their beautiful smile. They specialise in implants and prosthetics, they perform the corrections of the tooth form using the composite compounds of the premium quality or porcelain veneers. They carry out professional tooth whitening in the surgery with the use of the ZOOM lamp or in the home conditions using American effective and safe materials. Dr n. med. Marta Maciak, doctor of medical sciences, is a renown in the whole Poland specialist in endodontics – a discipline of modern dentistry. Together with a team of the doctors within a short time she restores a beautiful, natural smile even to these patients who have not been given help from other dentists abroad.

When you decide to come and be dentally treated in Cracow you can be sure that our driver will pick you up at the airport in Balice. We will arrange accommodation for you in rooms in the centre of Cracow – nearby our clinic and you will be treated by a highly qualified team of dentists who speak English well.

You can spend a nice holiday in comfortable conditions and at the same time have a dental treatment of the premium quality in wonderful Cracow. This dental treatment will bring you back a beautiful white smile and self-conficence.

Dr Irena Eris
city: Kraków

The Cosmetic Laboratory of Dr. Irena Eris is one of the most recognizable Polish cosmetic trademarks, famous for producing high-quality face and body care cosmetics.

Established in 1983, the company enjoys high prestige both in Poland and abroad, mainly owing to the effectiveness, innovativeness and safety of its products. The Dr. Irena Eris Centre of Science and Research, Dr. Irena Eris Hotels SPA, and Dr. Irena Eris Cosmetic Institutes also operate within the company.

The Dr. Irena Eris Cosmetic Institutes were created for people aware of their needs and wishing to take care of their bodies under the guidance of professionals.

We offer our clients a wide range of skin and body care treatments carefully adjusted to the various needs of skin.

Thanks to the most recent developments in the fields of cosmetology and dermatology, the Prosystem cosmetics that we use during our treatments contain innovative complexes of natural, biologically active substances, and thus guarantee the complete safety of these treatments.

Dermatologists working in the Institute will help you solve dermatological problems and will provide you with advanced, specialist beauty treatments related to cosmetic surgery: laser hair removal, photorejuvenation, correction of laughter lines (Botox), filling of wrinkles with hyaluronan, mesolifting, mesotherapy, mouth enlargement, removal of discolorations and skin changes.

The perfect way to enhance the effects of our treatments is through the Dr. Irena Eris Prosystem Home Care, a professional home care programme.





city: Kraków